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Goalscape is the ideal solution for creating your own Wheel of Life. With Goalscape, it is easy to assess where you are in every area of your life, decide what really matters to you, and set real, meaningful goals.

To use this Wheel of Life:

  1. Rename this central goal to something that inspires you
  2. Go through the subgoals and update them to reflect your specific goals in each area
  3. Adjust the Importance of Subgoals by dragging their borders or sliders
  4. Define success criteria in each goal (quantitative our qualitative) and write them in the Notes
  5. Mark your current state using the Progress sliders in the outermost goals.

Now you are ready to go! Your Goalscape Wheel of Life clearly shows you where to invest your resources (especially time): it's any big goal that isn't filled in!

As you work and play, frequently revisit your Wheel of Life to update your progress, reassess your priorities and celebrate your wins. 

To learn all you need to know to get the most out of Goalscape, watch the following short tutorial:

This area of the Wheel of Life is about evaluating your current state of health and setting goals to improve it in specific areas.

  • How do you feel? 
  • Are you satisfied with your current state of health? 
  • Do you exercise regularly? 
  • How much do you invest in your health? 
  • How would you describe your current energy levels? 
  • How are your sleep patterns? 
  • Do you eat a balanced and healthy diet?

How is your current state of health?

  • How do you feel? 
  • What does your Doctor think?
  • How is your current energy level?
This area is about your Personal and Professional environment.

  • Do you feel comfortable in your current environment ? 
  • Does your environment give you energy or cost you energy? 
  • Is anything in your environment causing you stress? 
  • Think about your relatives, neighbors and friends as well as your work colleagues and team mates.
  • How satisfied are you in your job? 
  • How is your daily performance at work? 
  • Other topics to consider in this category: 

    • Career strategy
    • Work-life balance (amount of time spent in each area)
    • Social status.
    This is about evaluating satisfaction and fulfilment in your interpersonal relationships and partnerships. 

    • What role do relationships play in your life? 
    • What is the quality of your relationships in different areas of your life? 
    • Do you spend enough time with your partner, children, other family and friends?
  • What role does self-actualization and personal growth play in your life?
  • Do you invest enough time in it? 
  • Other aspects you can highlight in this category: 

    • Continuing education
    • Improving and extending work skills
    • Physical training, sports and hobbies
    • Coaching
    • Reading.
  • What role does money play for you? 
  • Are you satisfied with your current financial status? 
  • What financial goals do you have?
  • What do you already have in place (investments, insurance, etc)?
  • How will you achieve your financial goals?
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  • How satisfied are you with your current work-life balance? 
  • Do you have enough time for your outside interests (sports, hobbies, social groups)? 
  • Is there something you really want to do but haven't yet?
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