Lighter, Brighter, Faster Goalscape

Goalscape’s unique UI is lighter, brighter, and faster than ever. Read the details below or watch this video summary:

Lighten up your Goals

Switch between Dark and Light mode using the toggle top right.

Custom Color Themes

Define your own color theme. Copy your corporate colors from a PDF or your website, then pin the color theme so it is used on all new Goalscape projects.

Improved Goal Labels

To see goal names appear horizontally in the goal map just mouse over them.

For those who use long goal names there is a new option to display the name in full, even if that makes the text very small.

Content Presence Hints

See which goals have Notes, Comments or Attachments – without opening that tab. If content is present the icon is colored blue.

Importance and Progress Spotlight

For better focus when setting relative Importance and adjusting Progress.

Please let us know what you think – you can use the Chat facility in Goalscape, or click Contact Us in the footer here.

Picture of Richard Parslow

Richard Parslow

Richard is a World Champion sailor and coach, business consultant and test demon. His goal is to take the customer’s perspective, accurately identify their needs and provide fast, clear answers.

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