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Marcus Baur - Goalscape founder, Architect and Double Olympian

I created Goalscape to break down complex challenges in a meaningful way. I wanted a crystal clear picture of my Goals, my Priorities and the Progress I was making. Goalscape was the answer.

Goalscape User Interface Highlights

Create a clear goal structureAssign importance visuallyTrack progress visuallyShare and Collaborate
Clean, simple UIAssign people and timeframesManage goal lists via mobile apps
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OSX, Windows, Cloud, Mobile

Achieve Your Goals

It’s a neurological fact: Goal setting activates our inner reward system. This system is the basis of drive and motivation. If we want to increase our drive and motivation, we need to be clear about the goals we want to achieve. 

Goalscape provides this clarity and at the same time fosters the motivational energy that is required to succeed.

Share the Big Picture overview

Goalscape allows us to break down big challenges into manageable slices, without losing the big picture overview. Goalscape also makes sharing goals really easy and supports goal-focused communication with anyone who helps you to achieve your goals.

Save Time and Money

Increasing motivation and making meetings more productive - with less time spent to prepare and follow-up - produces dramatic savings for teams and businesses of all sorts.

Be Happy and Productive

Goals often revolve around our ideas about future possibilities. Yet developing a powerful, healthy and well balanced goalscape requires acknowledging the past and appreciating the present. Goalscape makes it easier for people to be happy and productive in the now, while working towards big goals for the future.

Our customers say...

Rick Adams

Really brilliant

I am a huge fan of Goalscape and use it a lot with my creative business and planning. You’ve made a really brilliant product.

Rick Adams

Writer, Producer, Actor, Host, Illustrator, Published Author



Your software is awesome! Thank you so much for helping me win Olympic Gold!

Lijia Xu

Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion, Rolex World Sailor of the Year

Andrew Mercer.png

Better organized, less stressed

Goalscape is the best way to capture and communicate complex information about business and personal goals. It helps me to be better organised, more effective and less stressed.

Andrew Mercer

Founder, Footdown and 2OC

Roz Savage circle

Immediately see the impact

Goalscape is just fantastic! It reminds me that I only have 24 hours in a day: when I add a task I immediately see the impact on everything else I need to do (like sleeping!).

Roz Savage

Lecturer, Yale University – and first woman to row three oceans solo


Shows me what I really need to do

What I like about Goalscape is that it forces me to make hard choices. It shows me what I really need to do and helps me to decide what else I can fit in.

John McKenna

Managing Director, BeTomorrow UK (and Ironman)

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OSX, Windows, Cloud, Mobile