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The Goalscape Story

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“I created Goalscape to help me achieve peak performance as an Olympic sailor. I wanted a simple yet crystal clear holistic overview of all my Goals, Priorities, and Progress. Goalscape was the answer.”

Marcus Baur / Goalscape CEO

Unique Holistic Goal Overview

Goalscape's powerful visual format provides a
clear overview of Goals, Priorities and Progress.

Benefits and Features

Manage your goals to unleash the power of motivation

Create a Visual Goal Structure

It’s a neurological fact: goal setting activates our inner reward system: the basis of drive and motivation. To make the most of this we need clear, inspirational goals. 

Goalscape’s powerful visual structure provides a rich overview of Goals, Priorities and Progress. It improves goal alignment, motivation and focus; and enhances team communication.

See what matters and focus on the right goals

Set Priorities and Track Progress Visually

In Goalscape, a goal’s Importance is represented by its size, and Progress is shown as shading. It’s that simple!

Dynamically adjust goal sizes as your priorities change over time and add new goals as you go.

Manage all the information in one place

Add Goal Background details

Insert Notes and Attachments in any format; set Timescales, assign Responsibility and add contextual Tags to your goals.

Apply color-coding for a quick visual reference of associations between goals in different areas.

Focus on what matters most

Filter Goals, Create Lists, Share Goals with others

To achieve your long-term goals you always need to know what to do right now. Goalscape supports this essential Focus: use Now and Next tags, then filter your goals by Date, Responsibility and Tag – and generate Goal Lists.

When working in teams, share goalscapes to ensure goal alignment and collaborate with purpose

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