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Nathan Outteridge

It is very easy to use

We used Goalscape to plan out all the details for every part of our 2012 49er Olympic Campaign. It is very easy to use and clearly showed our progress in every area as we worked towards our final goal of Olympic Gold.

Nathan Outteridge

Olympic Gold Medallist and four times World Champion in the 49er Class

Eugen Welte.png

Goalscape is a fantastic tool

It is really easy to use, very fast and impressively flexible — and the export functions are great. It is really amazing – every time I use it in a presentation, people ask me how this is possible.

Eugen Welte

VP International Financial Services, Airbus Group



I used your software, awesome! Thank you for helping me achieve Olympic Gold!

Lijia Xu

Olympic Gold Medallist & World Champion in the Laser Radial, Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2012


Unique and very valuable

At Roland we use Goalscape for our entire strategy: our high-level goals cascade down to define specific projects and plans in every business area. The facility to do this visually and share it online makes Goalscape a unique and very valuable business tool.

Tim Walter

Managing Director, Roland (UK) Limited


It forces me to make the hard choices

What I really like about Goalscape is that it forces me to make hard choices. It makes me concentrate on what I really want to do – and helps me to work out what else I can fit in.

John McKenna

Commercial Director, OC Sports (and Ironman)

This is a brilliant piece of software and I love it. I'm on my third successful startup and Goalscape enables me to visualise the different challenges and quickly re-organise them on the fly.  Goalscape is exactly what I need: visual, intuitive, powerful!

Richard Jones - Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, Ventura Next and author of 'Project Management Survival'

I am a huge fan of Goalscape and use it a lot with my creative business and planning. It is vital to the success of my business.

Rick Adams – Writer, Producer, Actor, Host, Illustrator, published author

Goalscape is FANTASTIC!! I use it a lot. It is a great way of reminding me that I only have 24 hours in a day, so everything I add to my To Do list has an opportunity cost in terms of something else I have to do (like sleeping!).

Roz Savage – Lecturer at Yale University and first woman ever to row solo across three oceans

Goalscape is simply brilliant. It's easy to use and makes visualising projects a breeze. The guys behind it are sound and I'd recommend Goalscape to everyone. In fact, I already do.

Jonathan MacDonald – Business and technology guru, published author and speaker

Customer support is exceptional - there is passion for all customers. Goalscape has clear user instructions and great 'how-to' video clips.

Alec Dorling – Principal, Impronova AB

We are using Goalscape more and more and really appreciate it – in fact we have a growing dependence on it as a company. There are few pieces of software that people immediately love and use with passion, as I have seen our people use Goalscape. Good job!

Mike Tully – CEO and President, Aerial Services, Inc

I love using my Goalscape software!

Brian Tinkler – Microsoft Information Architect, Orion Technology Services

I've been test driving your product for the last week and I'm really impressed with it. I have ADD and visual tools really work for me because I'm a very non-linear thinker. Lately, I had been overwhelmed with all the stuff in my life and this tool helps me make better balanced choices and is actually motivating me to conquer a lot of stuff I've been just putting off.

Douglas Burrill – Senior Performance Analyst, Blackberry

I've been looking for intuitive visual organization software. Kudos.

Ryan Wells - Founder and Managing Director, Hybra Advance Technology, Inc

The contextual perspective that Goalscape provides is unmatched and helps me focus each small task on the ultimate goal it is supporting - seeing the forest and the trees simultaneously is a real feat.

Jeremy Boccabello – Advisor (Practice Lead, Global Risk and Resilience), Universal Consensus

Goalscape is a core part of my process: it can substantially enhance virtually any SME. It's as vital to have on a computer as MS Office (or equivalent). Strongly recommended.

Clive Epplett – TheBusinessOwnersChampion

In all the years I've been trying different apps for managing info, I've never run across anything quite so intuitive and easy to master from the get-go. When I look at Goalscape I don't see just goal setting, I see a tool that:
1. Makes me the smartest person at my company or organization.
2. Allows me to manage my team better.
3. Stimulates creative out the box brainstorming.
4. Takes project management to the next level.
5. Makes all other project management software obsolete.
6. Makes my work fun.
7. Allows me see other aspects of my life, outside of business, multi-dimensionally.
8. Can be used to build anything: a house, business, website, study program, sporting challenge...
9. I can use this to structure writing projects (I've written several books and I write ad copy).
10. You can just dump information into randomly, then use as a database.

I could probably go on and on. What you have is magical.

Eddie Kwong – published author, journalist and trading guru, TradingMarkets

Great product, great service! 

Nicholas Sibson – Project Manager, Clearswift

Your Goalscape software is a beautifully designed and developed tool. You give me hope that there are good new ideas available, even in our technology saturated historical moment, that can bring about positive change.

Chris Tinker – Youth Advocate/Case Manager, DDHS SUN Program, Metropolitan Family Services

I've been looking for a product to track and prioritize goals for years and I can't believe I finally found one - exactly what I was looking for and a beautiful interface - thanks again!

Jerry Silberman – VP Admin Finance, Kutztown University

We continue to use Goalscape Desktop to manage the many spinning plates. It really makes a difference.

Andrew Loney – Senior Information Technology Specialist, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Goalscape is my no. 1 tool for thinking, planning, working... Everything.

Tibor Szucs – Senior Consultant, Mindennapi NLP and published author

One of the most awesome things about the software is that it gets us away from linear thought (cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-ad infinitum) and allows us to think about our projects in holistic terms. Thanks for granting us that opportunity!

Eva Snijders – Storyteller, Coach, Change Agent

I'm very visual and this fits the bill perfectly. It's all there right in front of your eyes: no need for scrolling through docs and losing the thread. BOOM! so simple, love it!

Ian Poultney – Owner, ProShake

You guys have provided excellent support – and you can quote me! 

Sajid Siddiqui – Secret Apps

Hey, as simple as it is, Goalscape is a golden piece of software! Love at first sight, I almost want to keep it a secret. Ha!

Grinchy – GangstaGeak ‏on Twitter

Goalscape is the best way to capture and communicate complex information about business and personal goals. It helps me to be more effective by focusing on what is most important at any point.

Andrew Mercer, Founder, Footdown Limited

I have long been looking for a goal tracking program that allows me to see the overall picture. Goalscape is the answer: it is the simplest, most versatile goal management tool I have ever seen.

James W Owens – CEO, Enterprise Vending Inc

The BASS course leaders defined a coaching template in Goalscape Connect, which forms the basis for all communication about their goals, progress and any problems. Goalscape is the perfect coaching tool and a superb reflection of our high quality program.

Jaz Lamb – Director, British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School

For me, Goalscape's greatest strength is that it is so simple and logical – yet very powerful. Impressive stuff.

James Wilcox – Enterprise IT Manager, Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd

Goalscape is a brilliant tool! Goals are our most powerful motivators and Goalscape is the best way to communicate about goals and how to achieve them. It shows our priorities and progress in every area, keeping us on track and providing a focus for every training session.

Paul Brotherton – Olympic Gold Medal and World Champion coach

As a psychotherapist there is no better way to communicate values and goals. I am recommending Goalscape to all my clients.

Joachim Boßler – Munich Institute for Psychotherapy

We use Goalscape Online to capture and communicate all our courses. We plan lessons, attach worksheets and lecture notes, then share them with students online. This is extremely quick and efficient and it really engages the students – emotionally as well as intellectually.

Roberto Rinaldi – Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Goalscape is a marvellous tool that helps me communicate goal focused programs with my athletes. Simple to use and really effective for time management.

Harvey Hillary – National Racing Coach, Royal Yachting Association

Goalscape enables individuals and organizations to define and achieve worthwhile goals while sharing them with the entire team.

Steve Cotterell – Technical Editor, Project Manager Today magazine

As a psychotherapist I can say that there is no better way to communicate values and goals. I am recommending Goalscape to all my clients.

Joachim Boßler – Munich Institute for Psychotherapy

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