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Why is it that Olympic athletes are so highly motivated, when all they do is run around in circles? And more importantly, why are most people so unmotivated at work, when they are doing it to eat and pay the rent?

Neuroscience tells us that when we set goals and achieve them, we get a direct pleasure response in our brains. We are goal-achieving animals!

Now an Olympian, a doctor …

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The Strangest Secret

2021 will probably be one of the defining years of our lifetime. So we'd better make the best of it! Setting goals and believing in our ability to achieve them are key to success.

If you want to be inspired about Goalsetting, listen to Earl Nightingale's 1956 radio talk The Strangest Secret. It is 30 supercharged minutes of timeless and priceless advice from the Grand Master of Goal Setting.

Click …

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Be on Top in '21!

A year full of unexpected challenges for all of us has passed, and another challenging year lies ahead.

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic though. We have learned once more that we can rise to the challenges and keep on top of it all – as long as we stay calm and maintain the overview.

Be on Top in 21 30

Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.
(Japanese …

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New Updates Released – Version 2.9.5

The latest updates for Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.5) are out now. The main new feature is that full fill goal coloring is automatically enabled as soon as a color is applied to any goal. It is also the default for any existing projects that use color-coding. Anyone who prefers the old 'outline and name' coloring can switch it back in Settings.

Following requests posted on our customer …

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Import CSV – new feature in Version 2.9.4

The latest updates for Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.4) are out now. The main new feature is Import/Upload CSV.

Upload Goalscape CSV

This is something that a lot of people have requested over the years, because it means that if you have a project breakdown (or any other information hierarchy) in Excel or another tool you can now import it straight into Goalscape. It takes as input a CSV file …

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New Updates Released – Version 2.9.3

The latest updates for  Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.3) are out now.

New features 2.9.3

New features include Notes and Attachment icons on goal slices, right-click context menu for goals in the Goal List, Drag and Drop project tabs (Desktop only). All of these are features requested by Goalscapers.

We have also extended local language support to include Brazilian and European Portuguese, bringing the total number of languages supported to 14 …

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New Updates Released – Version 2.9.2

We have just released the latest updates for  Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.2).

2.9.2 Features – Goal List Tree View columns 50

This release includes some cool new features suggested by you, including:

  • Goal Path display (under the goal name in the panel header)
  • Support for very long goal names 
  • Goal List enhancements: Tree View now includes columns to indicate presence of Attachments and Notes text (and you can sort your goals by these columns)
  • Reporting improvements …
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Yes we can... if we prioritize!

I was slightly skeptical when I watched yet another talk on time management. But what Laura Vanderkam has to offer is as profound as it is simple. She sees the lack of time most of us so painfully experience not as a byproduct of a hectic modern lifestyle or growing demands in the workplace, but instead, as rooted in a lack of willpower to set priorities and make tough decisions. …

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Color your goals!

We recently delivered our most requested feature: full color fill. We love it – and from the feedback we have received, so do you.

Goalscape has always been unbeatable for showing a meaningful image of complex challenges. Now you can bring your projects to life by color coding your goals with 7 carefully chosen shades.

We made a short video (below) on how to use this great new feature. If …

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What Tomasz Tunguz Learned From Complete Burnout At Work

Burnout 3

I just stumbled over a Linked-in post by Tomas Tunguz, a former Google Employee (now Venture Capitalist) on how to avoid burnout. His message is simple: 

You can not have it all. You need to prioritize and ask yourself: "Which are the most important things I need to do well".  It's good to ask this question at the beginning of the year and to avoid overloading your goalscape. So …

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