Easy, Memorable Presentations the Goalscape Way

Have you ever procrastinated over preparing for a presentation? Creating the slides… writing your words… copying and pasting relevant images? Guessing at your audience’s reaction and building a flow that will capture their attention? Wondering if you’ll get to the half way stage then realize that the remainder of your presentation is not where you need to go? The usual stuff, right?

To deliver a truly great presentation you have …

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Major update out today: Goalscape version 2.9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online version 2.9.0.

Full color fill screenshot

Existing Desktop users will be prompted to auto-update. New users can always download it here

The Goalscape Online web application also includes all the new features and relevant fixes.

This release includes some helpful bug fixes and some great new features.

The main changes are:

  • Full-fill color user setting for a new look to …
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Getting Things Done – with or without Dates

Double Olympic Gold Medal coach
Development Director at Goalscape Software

I am happy to tell you that we have added a very useful core function to Goalscape: the ability to generate a filtered list of your goals sorted by start or due dates. So this feels like a good time to explain how I have been using Goalscape very effectively for many years – rarely defining dates...

A common life …

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New release: Goalscape Mobile app version 3.6

We are pleased to announce version 3.6 of the Goalscape Mobile app: the free companion app for the full Goalscape Online web application.

The big news is that this update allows Goalscape Free users to access the mobile app.  Sorry it has taken so long!

It also includes fixes for a couple of issues related to Apple's recent iOS update, plus some major usability enhancements, including:

  • When browsing to select …
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New release: Goalscape version 2.8.3

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online version 2.8.3.

Existing Desktop users will be prompted to auto-update. New users can always download it here

This is primarily a bugfix release: full details are available here.  The Goalscape Online application already includes the same new features and relevant fixes.

We are now focusing on delivering some much-requested new features; at the same …

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Set Goals Like Googlers Do

I recently stumbled across a goal-setting process called OKR which stands for Objectives and Key Results. I wish I had done so earlier. OKRs are used on a daily basis by successful megaplayers like Intel, Google, LinkedIn and many others. The beauty lies in its simplicity and common sense. There is a lot to OKR but my key takeaways are:

  • Set goals in short intervals. Maximum every quarter, minimum every …
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New Goalscape Review on GetApp

This review previously appeared on GetApp.

Goalscape Review by Oliver Shetler, Service Professional (verified GetApp Reviewer)

It's not just the Software... It's the company and the people

I had used Goalscape in the past, and without a real need for it, felt it was mediocre at best. However, when I found myself in a crisis, under pressure to accomplish way more than most people can accomplish in a …

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New Year, New Goals

  • New monthly Unlimited plan for just $6

  • Goalscape Desktop price now only $60

  • Share projects with anyone

  • Free plan available

Goalscape Goes For Gold in Olympic Year

Win Gold

Goalscape grew out of our ambitions to win the Olympics. After multiple gold medals in London 2012, Goalscapers in many sports will be going for it again this year in Rio de Janeiro. Read more about it below. 

As well as proving successful …

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Goalscape Patent Approved

We are delighted to announce that on July 14, 2015 we received formal approval of our application for a patent on the Goalscape goal map format and software, under Patent No. US 9,082,316 B2.

Without going too deeply into the technical definitions, this patent acknowledges Goalscape Software GmbH's ownership of the multi-level pie chart to display the subgoals required to achieve a goal, with the size of each subgoal …

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New Goalscape Review

Splendid review of Goalscape on GetApp by Terry Yelmene: 


Everyone has aspirations; whether they are subconscious, implicit, explicit, even accidentally prompted consequential aspirations. And, 'goals' are the means to attaining your intended aspirations. This is different than tasks I use a task management system and that's great, but attaining aspirations has always been a different sort of thing that I didn't manage. Then I found GoalScape. There is a natural …

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