Migrating Goalscape Projects to the new Web App

Online Goal Setting: Migrating to Goalscape new web application

All current Goalscapers can use the new web application https://goalscape.app. And there is an Upload feature that makes it easy to migrate existing goalscapes (GSP files) created in Goalscape Online or Goalscape Desktop to the new web app.

Managing OKRs with Goalscape

Managing teams with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has become really popular all over the world – especially since Google’s stellar ascent, attributed partly to the company adopting the OKR process in its early startup days.

Why FAST Goal Setting with Goalscape Beats SMART Goals

Business leaders recognize that motivation is key to success, yet most organizations are terrible at it! Globally, almost 90% of working people are not fully motivated, operating far below the motivation level of Olympic athletes – or even kids at play!

Yes we can… if we Prioritize and Focus on Important Goals!

Yes we can... if we prioritize and focus on most important goals!

What Laura Vanderkam has to offer in her talk is as profound as it is simple. She sees the lack of time most of us so painfully experience not as a byproduct of a hectic modern lifestyle or growing demands in the workplace, but instead, as rooted in a lack of willpower to set priorities and make tough decisions.

What Tomasz Tunguz Learned From Complete Burnout At Work

Tomas Tunguz, a former Google Employee on how to avoid burnout. His message is simple:
You can not have it all. You need to prioritize and ask yourself: “Which are the most important things I need to do well”.  So don’t set too many goals – set the right goals.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR): Set Goals like Googlers do!

Objectives and Key Results (OKR): Set Goals like Googlers do!

I recently stumbled across a goal-setting process called OKR which stands for Objectives and Key Results. I wish I had done so earlier. OKRs are used on a daily basis by successful megaplayers like Intel, Google, LinkedIn and many others. The beauty lies in its simplicity and common sense. There is a lot to OKR, our key takeaways are: