CSV Import and Accessing Goal List in Goalscape

The latest updates for Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.4) are out now. The main new feature is Import/Upload CSV.

This is something that a lot of people have requested over the years, because it means that if you have a project breakdown (or any other information hierarchy) in Excel or another tool you can now import it straight into Goalscape. It takes as input a CSV file that is similar to the CSV file exported from Goalscape.

Another much-requested feature is a quick way to access the Goal List. In Goalscape Desktop this is now an option in the View menu and there is a hotkey shortcut Ctrl+ L to toggle it. We will extend this shortcut to Goalscape Online later.

This short video (2′ 14″) explains how to format the CSV source file and import it into Goalscape:

The complete requirements for the CSV file are detailed on our Knowledge Baseand the full Release Notes are here.

Let us know what you think – you can post on the customer forum or email support@goalscape.com.

Richard Parslow

Richard Parslow

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