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The most obvious change in the latest software update is that Goalscape now starts with an open goalscape “Get started with Goalscape”. This contains a basic user guide and a few standard templates. We will be adding more templates soon – in fact if you have a good goalscape of your own particular area of expertise please let us know. We may even ask if we can include it in the next ‘Get started…’ so other people can use it!


The other main enhancements to functionality are:

Applies colored borders to goals (seven colors are available). You can color individual goals, subgoal areas or entire sectors of the goal map. This adds another dimension to Goalscape’s visual model and opens up some new options for “tagging” goals.

User-definable text fields
There is a tab in the Notes area to open a new text field, to which you can attach your own label.

Refined Search function
Search can now find text that appears in goals that are not in the current view and even in other open goalscapes.

Navigation options
If you are fed up with moving the mouse (thanks, Emmett!) you can now navigate around the goal map using the cursor arrow keys.

You can now choose between the standard ocean blue or graphite black as the background color. More colors (and different options to apply them) are coming soon.

There are some minor fixes and other changes to the functionality and look. As always a full listing of all changes appears in the Release Notes.

We like seeing your comments and suggestions on the forum and we try to respond straight away. Let us know what you think of these latest updates.

November 10th, 2009

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