Migrating Goalscape Projects to the new Web App

All current Goalscapers can use the new web application by logging in here. And there is an Upload feature that makes it easy to transfer existing goalscapes (GSP files) created in Goalscape Online, Goalscape Enterprise or Goalscape Desktop to the new web app.

This short video describes how to do this migration (and there are written instructions below):


  1. In Goalscape Online or Goalscape Enterprise, select the project you want, click the ‘down from the cloud’ (Download GSP) button at the top of the screen and Save the .gsp file somewhere on your hard drive.
    Download GSP

    Note: you may need to enforce the ‘.gsp’ extension on the filename when you Save As (some OS may try to change it, or even clip it completely).

    Goalscape Desktop users should already have their projects stored (as .gsp files) on their hard drive.
  2. Login to the web application and select the Home screen.
  3. Click the ‘up into the cloud’ (Import goalscape) button at the top of the screen and select the GSP file from your hard drive.
    Upload GSP
  4. The uploaded goalscape will open and you can update it and share it with other Goalscapers.


  • If the ‘Import goalscape’ function does not recognize your Goalscape file, please ensure that it has the correct ‘.gsp’ extension (you can do this in File Explorer in Windows or in Finder on a Mac).
  • Goal Comments are not currently transferred – we are working on this and expect to release a fix very soon.
  • Goal Attachments are not transferred. A much better way to attach files to goals – especially live files in shared goalscapes – is to upload them to a third party filesharing facility like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, share them there with the relevant collaborators on your goalscape, then use hyperlinks in the Notes field of the relevant goals to point to them.
  • Sharing is not maintained, so uploaded goalscapes need to be shared again in the web app (see the video + instructions here).
  • There is no sync between the products: changes made to the uploaded goalscape using the web app will not be reflected in the version in Online, Enterprise or Desktop (and vice versa).
  • Although you can transfer .gsp files both ways between Online and the web app, note that every upload creates a new instance of the goalscape. So any two-way transfer will cause versioning issues and is absolutely inappropriate for shared goalscapes.

If you have any trouble please email support@goalscape.com – we’ll help you fast!

Marcus Baur

Marcus Baur

Marcus is the inventor of the Goalscape concept. After graduating in Architecture he sailed professionally, winning multiple international championships and becoming a double Olympian.

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