Goal Setting Online: New Desktop and Web Application Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online version 2.9.0.

Existing Desktop users will be prompted to auto-update. New users can always download it here.

The Goalscape Online web application also includes all the new features and relevant fixes.

This release includes some helpful bug fixes and some great new features.

The main changes are:

  • Full-fill color user setting for a new look to the goal map. This really improves the visual impact for those users making heavy use of goal coloring.
  • The ability to filter by Due dates.  A missing basic function in the panel on the left. Sorry for the delay.
  • Some nice improvements to the “Show goal list” function in the filter panel: the list view shows dates when they are used and there is an optional Table View which shows additional goal data and allows sorting on all columns. You can also copy the table view contents to your clipboard to extract CSV data that you can paste into a spreadsheet.
  • For users with huge projects, in the past you probably noticed that changing goal importance by dragging could cause very long rendering delays. This has been resolved via what we call “lazy rendering” of outer level goals. It’s way better now!

For the full Release Notes click here.

Richard Parslow

Richard Parslow

Richard is a World Champion sailor and coach, business consultant and test demon. His goal is to take the customer’s perspective, accurately identify their needs and provide fast, clear answers.

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