New Goalscape Review

Posted by Marcus Baur

Splendid review of Goalscape on GetApp by Terry Yelmene: 


Everyone has aspirations; whether they are subconscious, implicit, explicit, even accidentally prompted consequential aspirations. And, 'goals' are the means to attaining your intended aspirations. This is different than tasks I use a task management system and that's great, but attaining aspirations has always been a different sort of thing that I didn't manage. Then I found GoalScape. There is a natural goal-down into individual objectives that somehow parallels strategies-down into tactics. GoalScape's structure follows that construct perfectly. The interfact to accomplish this is a bit novell, but is easy to understand and adopt. Now I use GoalScape to my small team goals as well. This is a very functional practical tool for me.

Pros: Naturally applied to manage the capture/monitor the attainment of goals. Easy to use. Native desktop, and mobile versions/operation as well as the web/SaaS.

Cons: Unorthodox user interface - (after very short use operation is understandable/functional).

June 23rd, 2015

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