New Updates Released – Version 2.9.2

Posted by Richard Parslow

We have just released the latest updates for  Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online (version 2.9.2).

2.9.2 Features – Goal List Tree View columns 50

This release includes some cool new features suggested by you, including:

  • Goal Path display (under the goal name in the panel header)
  • Support for very long goal names 
  • Goal List enhancements: Tree View now includes columns to indicate presence of Attachments and Notes text (and you can sort your goals by these columns)
  • Reporting improvements – PDF and DOCX reports on very large projects used to take a while to generate: we have sped up the background process and introduced new selections (levels of goals covered); and generating the full preview is now optional (so you can make your selections first).

You can check out the new features in Goalscape Online. Goalscape Desktop users will see an on-screen notice offering an autoupdate (if you do not see this message you can always download the latest version from our website).  Complete release notes are available here.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions please email Support. Your idea could be in the next updates!

June 16th, 2017

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