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Hello Goalscapers!

We are proud to present the latest software update, which includes some major steps forward in both functionality and use. The most important(!) of which are:



Search function: Finds text in goal names, notes, filenames of attachments and Person responsible. We have used Goalscape to manage our whole company since we started – our company goalscape is quite large so we know how valuable this function will be! It also provides an immediate solution for team working: if you enter a person’s name in the search field you can quickly find all the goals this person is responsible for.

Adding and naming goals: After the search function, this was the most popular enhancement that users requested. You can now add a child goal and immediately start writing its name. If you want to add lots of child goals at once you can still do so, using the new ‘Add Sibling’ option.

Icons for common functions: Add Child, Add Sibling, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete buttons in the Form area. We have also introduced the ‘browser-like ‘+’ tab to the right of the tabs for open goalscapes: this replaces the New’ icon on the File menu.

Language support: Users can now select a German language edition of Goalscape – more languages are coming soon!

Notes text: It is now easier to apply the formatting options and the whole field has a much “tighter” feel.

Attachments: We have simplified the process for attaching files to goals.

There are some more minor fixes, enhancements and additional functions – and many little tweaks to progress our goal to “provide a beautiful interface”! For a full breakdown, check the Release Notes when you install the latest software – then try them out for yourself.

We are already working on the next batch of treats, which will include further improvements to attachment handling, color-coding options, slicker automated resizing for goal names, more ‘hotkey’ shortcuts, standard goalscape templates and improved performance.

Richard Parslow

Richard Parslow

Richard is a World Champion sailor and coach, business consultant and test demon. His goal is to take the customer’s perspective, accurately identify their needs and provide fast, clear answers.

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