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Goalscape Desktop version 2.1.1185.495

Most of the changes in the latest updates are in Goalscape’s look and feel. Here is a short video to illustrate the most significant:

Start and End dates
Goalscape enforces the rule that subgoal start and end dates must lie within those of their parents. If you try to select an invalid (grayed out) date a pop-up tooltip explains the constraint. You can now delete dates.

Goal names
Once you select a goal, if you click it again the ‘Rename goal’ pop-up text entry field will appear. (A faster double-click still accesses Focus view functionality.)

Hotkey options
We have extended the hotkey options so those who dislike moving the mouse can now cut, copy, paste and delete goals with standard ‘Ctrl+’ functions (Cmd+ on the Mac) instead of using the relevant icons.

When you copy a goal from another goalscape, any new people it brings with it (as Responsible) are added to the target goalscape’s Responsible list.

Look details

  • Further refinements of the automatic resizing of goal names
  • Changed order of items in the right-click context menu; invalid options are disabled and grayed out
  • More compact Search results list

There are other minor tweaks to the look and feel and a few bug fixes. A full listing of all changes appears in the Release Notes.

Lots of you are already using the forum to ask questions, make suggestions and report problems. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we always try to respond quickly. In fact some of these latest bug fixes are the result of your notifications, so thanks again!

January 13th, 2010

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