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Goalscape Desktop version

This release of Goalscape delivers greatly improved performance for quicker interactions and slicker navigation. Better performance is an ongoing goal for us and this step took a lot of work over a long time. The faster response times are especially valuable when working with very large goalscapes: our company goalscape contains hundreds of goals and it runs like a dream!

The other significant enhancements are in the appearance of goal names in the goal map: the automatic resizing is now very sophisticated and the manual adjustment is finer.


Most of the other changes are subtle refinements of the functionality and look and feel, along with some small bug fixes:

The color-coding window now has a checkbox ‘Apply to subgoals’ in place of the selection button. We have also corrected the intermittent bugs that caused changes to subgoal and neighbor colors.

Application window preferences
Goalscape now stores the selected size and in position of the application window. For example, if you are in full-screen mode when you Quit, it will open in full-screen on restart.

User-defined text fields
Cut or copy and paste now includes the contents of all user-defined text fields and any attachments. The selection of user-defined text field is preserved on navigation to another goal that has the same text field. Search finds text in user-defined fields.

Save As
We have tidied up the default filenames and folders for first Save and subsequent uses of Save As. Details of all the changes are in the Release Notes. If you have any trouble updating Goalscape with the automatic Install process, you can download the latest version here.

Goalscape Online
Development of Goalscape Online, our new online collaboration service, is going really well and we are confident that we can deliver it this quarter. Before we launch it we will run a full beta test, so if you would like to participate please post on the Goalscape Online Beta Test thread under ‘Questions’ on the forum.

Goalscape Affiliate Program
We are extending our affiliate program with a new software tracking system for such business. So if you like Goalscape and know others who would like it too, you can become an affiliate and earn rewards by helping us to spread the word! Click here for full details and registration form.

Support questions
If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please post on the forum. Thanks again to those who have done so in the past few weeks: your feedback has been a great help in finding errors; and there have been some interesting discussions about future developments.

March 18th, 2010

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