Yes we can... if we prioritize!

Posted by Marcus Baur

I was slightly skeptical when I watched yet another talk on time management. But what Laura Vanderkam has to offer is as profound as it is simple. She sees the lack of time most of us so painfully experience not as a byproduct of a hectic modern lifestyle or growing demands in the workplace, but instead, as rooted in a lack of willpower to set priorities and make tough decisions. 

Through simple 2nd grade arithmetic, she reveals that even people who are stuck in a job that eats up 60 hours of their time per week, there are still 52 waking hours left for other things. How about a 40 hour work week - that leaves 72 hours. How we use this time to reach the goal(s) we dream about is all that matters. 

This simple realization actually changed the way I use Goalscape. It made me more willing to sacrifice goals, delete them, or at least drag them on hold, to focus on what matters most to me.

Take the time to watch the talk yourself. It´s worth it.

February 12th, 2017

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