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Inspire Motivation

It’s a neurological fact: setting and achieving goals activates our inner reward system – the real source of our drive and motivation. And teams with genuinely shared goals have better engagement, tighter bonding and greater retention. 

Goalscape provides a visual roadmap to agree your long-term goals, plan your route and track your progress. This produces strong, highly-motivated teams with a common purpose and the drive to succeed – in life as well as business.

Share the Big Picture Overview

Goalscape allows you to break down big challenges into manageable slices, without losing the big picture overview. Genuinely shared goals are the superglue that unites successful teams. 

Goalscape makes sharing goals really easy and supports goal-focused communication for teams and companies of any size.

Be Agile and Creative

In an ever changing world, we must adapt to stay ahead. Goalscape engages left- and right- brain resources, balances analysis and intuition and supports creative decision-making.

Increase Focus

Goals are based on our imagining of possible futures, yet to achieve anything we must focus and work hard right now. A powerful and well balanced Goalscape helps people to be happy and productive in the present, knowing that every step takes them closer to their future goals.

Save Time and Money

Increasing motivation and engagement boosts productivity and improves retention. And making meetings more productive (less time spent in preparation and follow-up) produces dramatic savings.

Goalscape User Interface Highlights

Create a clear goal structureAssign importance visuallyTrack progress visuallyShare and Collaborate
Clean, simple UIAssign people and timeframesManage goal lists via mobile apps
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Our customers say...

Pavol Vnuk

Meetings are more focused – and far shorter

We needed a way to share our corporate goals through the organization and create projects to achieve them. Goalscape's unique visual format is easy to understand and use: we can see at a glance how we are doing in every area; and the review process is continuous, so our meetings are more focused – and far shorter.

Pavol Vnuk

CTO IT, Volkswagen Slovakia

James Wilcox.png

Simple and logical, yet powerful

For me, Goalscape's greatest strength is that it is so simple and logical – yet very powerful. Impressive stuff.

James Wilcox

Enterprise IT Manager, Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd


Unique and very valuable

At Roland we use Goalscape for our entire strategy: our high-level goals cascade down to define specific projects and plans in every business area. The facility to do this visually and share it online makes Goalscape a unique and very valuable business tool.

Tim Walter

Managing Director, Roland (UK) Limited

Eugen Welte.png

Fast and impressively flexible

Goalscape is really easy to use, very fast and impressively flexible — and the export functions are great. It is really amazing – every time I use it in a presentation, people ask me how this is possible.

Eugen Welte

VP International Financial Services, Airbus

Richard Jones

Visualize the challenges

This is a brilliant piece of software and I love it. I'm on my third successful startup and Goalscape enables me to visualize the different challenges and quickly re-organise them on the fly. Goalscape is exactly what I need: visual, intuitive, powerful!

Richard Jones

Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, Ventura Next and author of Project Management Survival

Visual Goal Settingfor Success

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