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Coaches know: goal setting activates the inner reward system, which in turn builds drive and motivation. But crystal clear goals and priorities are required to activate that system. 

Goalscape is a visual roadmap that helps to foster the drive and motivation that is required to work smarter and harder than the rest.

Share the Big Picture overview

Goalscape allows us to break down complex challenges into manageable slices, without losing the big picture overview. Genuinely shared goals are the superglue that can unite teams of any size to become an unbeatable force.

Goalscape also makes sharing goals really easy and supports goal-focused and success-oriented communication.

Be agile and creative

In an ever-changing world, we must adapt to stay ahead. Any Coaching Plan needs to be adapted along the way. 

Goalscapes visual format engages left- and right- brain resources to balance analysis and intuition and to set smart priorities.

Increase Mindfulness

Goals often revolve around our future selves. But it takes mindfulness in the present moment to develop a powerful, healthy and well-balanced Goalscape. Once established, it makes it easier coach people to be happy and productive in the now, whilst having big goals for the future. 

It is the cutting edge mindset that makes athletes win.

Goalscape User Interface Highlights

Create a clear goal structureAssign importance visuallyTrack progress visuallyShare and Collaborate
Clean, simple UIAssign people and timeframesManage goal lists via mobile apps
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OSX, Windows, Cloud, Mobile

Our customers say...

Nathan Outteridge

Clearly shows progress in every area

We used Goalscape to plan out all the details for every part of our 49er Olympic Campaigns. It is very easy to use and clearly showed our progress in every area as we worked towards our final goal of Olympic Gold.

Nathan Outteridge

Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist and four times World Champion in the 49er Class

Jaz Lamb.png

The perfect coaching tool

The BASS course leaders defined a coaching template in Goalscape Connect, which forms the basis for all communication about their goals, progress and any problems. Goalscape is the perfect coaching tool and a superb reflection of our high quality program.

Jaz Lamb

Director, British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School



I used your software – it's awesome! Thank you for helping me achieve Olympic Gold!

Lijia Xu

Olympic Gold Medallist & World Champion in the Laser Radial, Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2012

Paul Brotherton.png

A brilliant tool

Goalscape is a brilliant tool! Goals are our most powerful motivators and Goalscape is the best way to communicate about goals and how to achieve them. It shows our priorities and progress in every area, keeping us on track and providing a focus for every training session.

Paul Brotherton

Olympic Gold Medal and World Champion coach

Harvey Hillary.png

Really effective

Goalscape is a marvellous tool that helps me communicate goal focused programs with my athletes. Simple to use and really effective for time management.

Harvey Hillary

National Racing Coach, Royal Yachting Association

visual goal settingfor success

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OSX, Windows, Cloud, Mobile