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Double Olympian Marcus Baur’s Goalscape software has helped Olympic Gold Medal-winning athletes and businesses worldwide to reach their goals for more than ten years. 

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Goalscape's unique visual format provides an instant overview of any complex challenge, highlights priorities, and tracks progress: it keeps ambitious teams and individuals on top of their game.

Now Goalscape Software is giving all Olympians – and those selected to attend the next Olympics – the chance to use Goalscape free of charge. Watch this video to learn more.

Olympians can also generate additional income, simply by becoming a Goalscape Olympian Affiliate and recommending Goalscape on social media.

To use Goalscape for free and start earning extra cash, just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Using your @olympian.org email address to sign up for a Goalscape Free user account.
    Then look out for our Welcome email with simple instructions on how to install and use Goalscape.

  2. Email olympians@goalscape.com from that address and tell us your Sport and which Olympic Games you attended (or have been selected for).

    As soon as we receive your email we will upgrade you to Goalscape Unlimited for free: create unlimited projects of unlimited size and share them with anyone you like, for free, forever.

  3. Register as a Goalscape Olympian Affiliate here.

    You will receive a special Affiliate Link to post on your website and use when you talk about Goalscape on social media. Whenever one of your contacts buys the software, you will receive a 50% commission. There are some banners and images available (or you can easily use your own) – and we have some great tips for successful posts.

And finally, we will be offering Olympians the opportunity to participate in Goalscape Workshops as inspiring goal-setting coaches, alongside experienced business consultants. So if you would like to join the Goalscape Olympians Team, just email us and we will set up a video call with you.


Email: olympians@goalscape.com
Goalscape website: goalscape.com
Download Goalscape here
Sign up for a free user account here 
Register as an Olympian Affiliate here
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