How to install Goalscape Desktop (Runs on Windows and Mac)

Step 1

Install Adobe AIR

After downloading the AIR file, you may need to open it manually to start the install.

If you have any problems downloading the AIR installer using the above link, please try downloading the specific file for your operating system here.

Learn more about Adobe AIR

Step 2

Download Goalscape Desktop 

Open or Run the installer file, then follow the on-screen instructions. When Goalscape Desktop starts up, accept the EULA, then go to step 3.

Step 3

Try, Buy or Activate 

At the Welcome screen click 'Try' and you're off and running (14-day free trial). You can also Purchase from this screen and Activate the software with your username and password once you have bought a Goalscape Desktop license.

Goalscape is really easy to use, with short Infopoint videos in the software itself and a full Goalscape Tutorial.

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