Goalscape Templates

These templates are outline Goalscape projects for some common personal, team and corporate challenges. They cover life goals, education courses and sports campaigns, as well as strategic decision making, management processes and software implementations. There is even a template for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with specific actions that we can all take to help achieve them.

They are in order of popularity, so scroll through them to find any that interest you – you can choose as many as you like. To open them in Goalscape:

1. Click the Download button and save the template (.gsp file)

2. Login to Goalscape – or if you do not yet have an account, click ‘Try Now’ at the top of this page

3. Once logged in, click the Home icon (top left), then Import > Select file (.gsp), and choose the file from your Downloads folder

Note: in most templates the subgoals have been given equal importance by default, and are not necessarily arranged in order of completion. Every life and every business is different, so you need to adapt the template to suit your particular goals, resources and timescales. Identify what is absolutely essential (and ensure it is possible), then decide what to do and when – and, maybe more importantly, what not to do. You can always create a small subgoal called ‘Backlog’ or ‘On Hold’ as a container for goals you need to consider later. 

Frequently review your goalscape: track your progress, update your priorities… and always celebrate your wins!

Wheel of Life goalscape

Goalscape is the ideal solution for creating your own Wheel of Life. With Goalscape, it is easy to assess where you are in every area of your life, decide what really matters to you, and set real, meaningful goals.

Wheel of Life goalscape - life goals template screenshot

Be a Great Leader

Leadership is vital because it sets the direction, inspires action, and empowers individuals and teams to achieve collective goals to drive organizational success. Set your goals to become a great leader.

Be a Great Leader - personal goals template screenshot

Set Up a Successful New Business

Whether you have a visionary new idea or simply want to escape the 9 to 5, you can use this template to develop your action plan, track your progress and start achieving your goals!

Set up a Successful New Business - work goals template screenshot

Successful Product Launch

Launching a new product is an exciting venture! Use this template to develop a comprehensive launch action plan, track progress, and successfully introduce your product to the market.

Successful Product Launch - business goals template screenshot

Raise Venture Capital funding

Securing VC financing is pivotal for many new ventures. This template enables founders to conduct a thorough funding project from determining initial objectives, through developing a comprehensive pitch deck, to successful closing.

Raise Venture Capital funding - business goals template screenshot

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals is crucial to address global challenges like poverty, inequality, and climate change, ensuring a sustainable future for all. Achieving these goals fosters peace, prosperity, and well-being worldwide. Do your bit: download this Goalscape and start taking action!

UN Sustainable Goals - personal and business goals template screenshot

Develop and Implement OKRs

Implementing an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework helps businesses to focus on key issues and align teams to achieve organizational goals. Use this template to set clear objectives, define measurable key results and track progress on specific initiatives – all without ever losing sight of the ‘big picture’.

Develop and Implement OKRs - business goals template screenshot

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Implementing a robust data security and compliance plan is essential for companies in today’s digital landscape. Use this project template to set out your goals, then complete the necessary steps and track your progress through to full compliance.

Ensure Data Security and Compliance - work goals template screenshot

Create a Great SaaS Customer Journey

If you are running a SaaS business you need to understand each stage of your customer journey. Find and fix any pain points and enhance customer experience to increase conversions, satisfaction and loyalty. 

Create a Great SaaS Customer Journey - business goals template screenshot

Successful CRM System Implementation

Implementing a CRM process or platform is essential for businesses aiming to enhance customer relationships. Use this template to deliver a seamless CRM integration for improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Successful CRM System Implementation - business goals template screenshot

Be a Great Business Coach

Being a great business coach means being ‘on top of your game’ at all times. Set out your personal and professional development roadmap to refine your skills and become a world class business coach.

Be a Great Business Coach - work goals template screenshot

Study Plan: Biology - Human Body Systems

Goalscape can be used to present any study plan or curriculum. Create your own, share it with your students and update your progress as you work through the course. 

Study Plan Biology – Human Body Systems - education goals template screenshot

Win on LinkedIn

Being successful on LinkedIn requires detailed planning and a clear focus on your objectives. Whether you want to sell a product, become a thought leader or land your ideal job, use this template to create a winning LinkedIn strategy.

Win on LinkedIn - work and business goals template screenshot

Master the Art of Sailboat Racing

If you like sailboat racing, whatever your main goal may be, it lies on the path to complete mastery. This template, created by Olympic sailors and coaches, shows everything you need to cover

Master the Art of Sailboat Racing - sports goals template screenshot

Triathlon Top Performance

The triathlon demands high aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, and efficient technique in all 3 disciplines. So to be successful you need to plan meticulously as well as train hard.

Triathlon Top Performance - sports goals template screenshot

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