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I just found this amazing tool and I'm having a lot of fun with it! I needed a tool for mapping out big picture goals – and Goalscape is exactly what I had been looking for. The frequent forum activity and responsiveness of the team were definitely factors in my decision to jump into Goalscape. I love active teams who are genuinely interested in user feedback.
Jacquelyn O'Donohoe
Professor of Mathematics, Plymouth State University
Works like my mind 🙂
Sean King
Field Risk Support Officer, Co-operative Group
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I found it so compatible with the way I work that I immediately bought it.
Konstantin Prokopiu
Senior Technical Architect, Adobe Systems
We are using Goalscape more and more as a company – in fact we have a growing dependence on it. There are few pieces of software that people immediately love and use with passion, as I have seen our people use Goalscape. Good job!
Mike Tully
CEO and President, Aerial Services, Inc
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Man I love Goalscape. I’m totally blown away. It's easy to use and makes visualising projects a breeze. The guys behind it are sound and I'd recommend Goalscape to everyone.
Jonathan MacDonald
Business and technology guru, published author and speaker
Goalscape is a core part of my process: it can substantially enhance virtually any SME. It's as vital to have on a computer as MS Office (or equivalent). Strongly recommended.
Clive Eplett
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In all the years I've been trying different apps for managing info, I've never run across anything quite so intuitive and easy to master from the get-go. When I look at Goalscape I don't see just goal setting, I see a tool that stimulates creative out the box brainstorming, helps me to manage my team better and makes my work fun! It also allows me see other aspects of my life, outside of business, multi-dimensionally. I could go on and on. What you have is magical.
Eddie Kwong
Published author, journalist and trading guru, TradingMarkets
I'm really impressed. The visual aspect is essential for me because I'm a very non-linear thinker. Goalscape helps me to make better choices – and it's actually motivating me to conquer a lot of stuff I've been just putting off.
Douglas Burrill
Senior Performance Analyst, Blackberry
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The market has been shockingly devoid of effective, easy to use goal planning tools that genuinely save time and effort. Look no further: Goalscape is all that and more! It really clarifies the key aspects of any project in a visually rich user experience. Everyone who sees my Goalscape presentations is just blown away.
Faisal Humayun
Engineering Test Manager, Wind Talker Innovations
Great product, great service!
Nicholas Sibson
Project Manager, Clearswift

Goalscape is the central hub for the innovative German-based consulting team of ActivateFuture 

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Your Goalscape software is a beautifully designed and developed tool. You give me hope that there are good new ideas available, even in our technology saturated historical moment, that can bring about positive change.
Chris Tinker
Youth Advocate/Case Manager, DDHS SUN Program, Metropolitan Family Services
The best graphical interface there is!
Craig Maupin
Owner, Arcshape Design Studio
We use Goalscape Desktop to manage the many spinning plates. It really makes a difference.
Andrew Loney
Senior Information Technology Specialist, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
"I've been looking for a product to track and prioritize goals for years and I finally found Goalscape: it's exactly what I was looking for – and what a beautiful interface. Thanks again!
Jerry Silberman
VP Admin Finance, Kutztown University
I've been in technical support for CAD software for more than 10 years so I know a little about software support – and you guys have great support response.
Chaz Stipkovic
Advisory Support Engineer, Fisher Unitech
Goalscape is my no. 1 tool for thinking, planning, working... Everything.
Tibor Szucs
Senior Consultant, Mindennapi NLP and published author
I've been searching for intuitive visual organization software for a long, long time. Now I have found it. Kudos.
Ryan Wells
Founder and Managing Director, Hybra Advance Technology, Inc
I love my Goalscape software!
Brian Tinkler
Microsoft Information Architect, Orion Technology Services
As a psychotherapist I can say that there is no better way to communicate values and goals. I am recommending Goalscape to all my clients.
Joachim Boßler
Munich Institute for Psychotherapy
You guys have excellent support – and you can quote me!
Sajid Siddiqui
Secret Apps
I'm very happy with your friendly and prompt customer service. Thank you! Another reason to keep recommending your software 🙂
Ville Kiiski
Hands-On-Creative and CEO, Ikitomu

Goalscape is outstanding for visualization, motivation and getting things done. It not only makes planning fast, it helps me to follow through on those plans and reach my goals.
Gergely Gurmai
Founder, Inspire

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