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In addition to providing opportunities for people to try Goalscape for free prior to purchase (using the 14-day Goalscape Free Trial and/or Demo versions of the Goalscape software), we allow all customers to withdraw from a purchase contract within 14 days without any further preconditions, as long as they have not used the software since their purchase. In such cases we will reimburse their payment in full.


The purpose, operation and delivery of the Goalscape software is fully described in text and images (including videos) on our website and in supporting documentation provided with the software.

Goalscape web application (hereinafter referred to as “Goalscape”)
Goalscape is a cloud solution: user projects are on our secure server, accessed in the browser here: Anyone can use the Goalscape Demo software to check out the functionality; and register for the Goalscape Free Trial account, which allows access to the full functionality for 14 days: create goalscapes and edit or view any shared with them by another user. On expiry of the trial period, users may still view their goalscapes; they cannot however make any changes to them.

There is no limit to the number of devices on which users can access Goalscape.

Goalscape Pro subscriptions are sold under recurring yearly or monthly billing agreements, or under recurring corporate deals (for multiple yearly subscriptions).

On expiry or cancellation of a customer’s subscription, their access to Goalscape will be view only. 

Goalscape Enterprise implementations
Enterprise instances are implemented on each customer’s dedicated platform in our secure server environment, or as an on-premise installation. These are delivered according to the specific terms agreed with each Enterprise customer.

Legacy Goalscape Desktop app
Although we no longer sell the legacy Goalscape Desktop app, we continue to support it: existing Offline license holders can contact for the download link.

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