Easily Enhance Business Presentations – the Goalscape way

Have you ever procrastinated over preparing for a presentation? Creating the slides… writing your words… copying and pasting relevant images? Guessing at your audience’s reaction and building a flow that will capture their attention? Wondering if you’ll get to the half way stage then realize that the remainder of your presentation is not where you need to go? The usual stuff, right?

To deliver a truly great presentation you have to be enthusiastic about your subject matter and confident in your knowledge of it. You also have to engage your audience, interact with them and let them guide you as to the path your presentation takes and how fast you move through it. You have to be assertive, yet flexible and responsive.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I find Goalscape to be invaluable for:

A. High level strategic thinking.
B. Visually structured knowledge bases.
C. Complex work projects with small teams of pro-active busy people.

Often I need to present to an audience something from A or B.

When you routinely use Goalscape for your work, creating a presentation on any aspect of that work is surprisingly easy.

In fact, all you need to do is to show the audience your Goalscape project! It is an overview in a meaningful, memorable visual format, which means you hardly have to do any extra work to use it for your presentation.

This approach has some great benefits:

1.    It prompts you consider your content from different perspectives. Do you really believe in it? Is it correct and up to date?
2.    The preparation time for your presentation is drastically reduced.
3.    You can update your live project during your presentations, improving your content as you go.

Tips for visual impact:

•    Make your goal notes brief, clear and simple – use bullets for key points.
•    Hide the details in the goal panel to maximise the notes area.
•    Attach your best diagrams and images to the relevant goals.
•    Use logical and pretty goal coloring.
•    Use the keyboard shortcuts (such as the cursor arrow keys to navigate the goal map and ESC for closing attachments).
•    Add a nice logo in the lower left and set a suitable background color.
•    Switch to Full Screen or Presentation mode and go for it!

Tips for content delivery:

•    Before you start, collapse the outer levels to hide the details.
•    Start in the main goal (use a custom notes field with bullets for the key points), move outward and work clockwise through the subgoals to cover the details, then finish back at the center.
•    When you want to concentrate on a particular area, use Focus view (double-click any goal to center it) then work clockwise through that view.
•    Perhaps use goal tags and filtered views to get your more complex messages across or to filter the subset of content you need to present.
•    Let your audience guide you but don’t stray too far from your path: Goalscape will help you to maintain your overall context.
•    To finish, select the main goal again when you summarise – and leave it selected to display the key points.

For sure, a linear slide presentation is fine for some subjects. But when you want your audience to grasp the context of each item within a bigger picture, then Goalscape’s visual format makes it clear, engaging and truly memorable. As a bonus, your preparation time is minimal and you can update your content on the fly.  Procrastinate no more.

Give it a go and find out for yourself how easy it is!


Also check out this video by Marcus Baur on the same topic:

You can find the Public version of the goalscape used in the video here.

Marcus Baur

Marcus Baur

Marcus is the inventor of the Goalscape concept. After graduating in Architecture he sailed professionally, winning multiple international championships and becoming a double Olympian.

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